Will Madame Vastra feature in a lesbian romance in Doctor Who?

A Lesbian Romance in Doctor Who?

Apparently not content with the sheer volume of happenings that he has concocted for Series 7 of Doctor Who, Head Writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat has allegedly decided to give at least one of the new stories a good old mix up by bringing back the character Madame Vastra, whose appearance in last year’s A Good Man Goes to War was a massive hit with viewers.

Will Madame Vastra feature in a lesbian romance in Doctor Who?

Vastra, a Silurian living and working in Victorian London and dealing with evil doers such as Jack the Ripper, shared a house with her maid (and bit on the side) Jenny until they were called on by the Doctor to go and rescue Amy and Melody Pond on Demon’s Run.

There seemed to be a long past and established friendship between Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and the Doctor but it was never given much detail so hopefully Moffat can shine a bit of light on the character in the upcoming season. The Daily Star newspaper was overjoyed to claim that Vastra will encounter the Doctor when he is travelling with his new friend, as played by Jenna Louise-Coleman and that the Homo Reptilia will “fall” for the lady in question.

This probably means that she’ll find her quite attractive and fancy her rather than declaring her undying love as it’s been made to sound, much to then chagrin of her long suffering partner Jenny, who will probably forget all about her jealousies the minute she sees another part of Silurian anatomy do some serious damage on an enemy.

You read the sane version here, now bide your time and wait for the inevitable tabloid strap lines such as “Who’s Girl is Gay?” or “First ever gay companion for the TARDIS” or something inaccurate like that.

Of course, it might not happen at all. It might purely be based on the fact that Coleman’s Emmerdale character was a lesbian.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One later this year.


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