Another Episode Title Revealed?

Rumour being exactly what it is, we shouldn’t jump at the chance to believe all of the rumours we here about the new series of Doctor Who. There’ll be some truth and some fabrication (or mistakes, if you want to be even more positive).

One piece of information that looks like it holds truths with a few misconceptions is that actress Jessica Raine (Robin Hood, Call the Midwife) has updated her online CV to include an upcoming episode of Doctor Who that she will be appearing in. The story will be directed by Jamie Payne and could possibly be episode 11 in the 2013 run of the series.

All this sounds very plausible, we’re happy to pass this on as news to eager Doctor Who fans across the world. What’s not so plausible is the suggested episode title, Phantoms of the Hex.

Okay, it’s not the most unbelievable rumoured title that Doctor Who has ever been associated with and no, there’s no way to completely discredit it. Consider this though, Steven Moffat is a showrunner that likes sexy titles, “the sluttier the better” is a phrase that he once used to describe the thought process behind the naming of his (and others) Doctor Who titles. And quite right to, we want attention capturing titles that will grab unsuspecting non-Who fans away from other channels and over to BBC One to watch the Time Lord in action.

It’ll be fantastic to see a talent like Jessica Raine in Doctor Who but let’s hope that when she’s invited to Cardiff it’ll be to film an episode with a hugely sexy title rather than one that sounds like a documentary about creatures in the sea.

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