Arthur Darvill’s Big Finish

Doctor Who Companion Arthur Darvill Joins Dark Shadows from Big Finish

Just when you thought that you’d seen the last of him, Arthur Darvill turns up again!

While it might be a while before we see him depart the TARDIS, weeks after leaving Doctor Who as a regular cast member, Darvill has started work on a Dark Shadows play for Big Finish Productions, who also produce some of our favourite Doctor Who audio stories and are overseen by Mr Voice Of The Daleks Nicholas Briggs.

The story itself, Speak No Evil, will have Darvill star as Tad, son of the original series’ Quentin Collins. Tad is a very spoiled and very rich young man whose life has been turned cold by a series of horrific events, so really it’s about as far from Rory as Darvill can manage! Set in 1855, the town of Collinsport sees a circus arrive in it and also a mysterious clown named Benji (played by Antonio Rastelli). Tad must join forces with the tattooed lady Marie (Katharine Mangold) to find out exactly what it is that Benji is after. Marie and Tad are going to have to work hard however, as their conflicting personalities mean they won’t always see eye to eye.

Darvill seems very happy with his performance in the play and also at the opportunity to break the “Rory” mould that he’s built up over the last two and a half years:

“It’s been an absolute joy to come and do this…I finished Doctor Who a couple of weeks ago so it’s been really nice to get my teeth into something different.”

Written by Scott Handcock, Speak No Evil will be available from August 2012 and is available on preorder from www.bigfinish.com now.


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