Doctor Who volume 3 issue 1 from IDW

Doctor Who #1 Coming in September!

Doctor Who volume 3 issue 1 from IDWIDW’s Doctor Who comic series is to relaunch this September, with Andy Diggle and Mark Buckingham taking charge in the first story arc.

Doctor Who #1 will be released alongside the Star Trek crossover, Assimilation #5 (of 8), and will sport a cover by Buckingham, who also provides interior art. Mark is best-known for his work on Fables, but he also worked with Paul Jenkins on Peter Parker: Spider-Man. Aside from providing covers for Assimilation and Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life, he most recently pencilled the Doctor, Amy and Rory in a few issues of the current Doctor Who ongoing series.

Andy Diggle will be the regular writer of the upcoming relaunch – so the series will be in safe hands! An ex-2000AD editor, Diggle is responsible for creating The Losers, and has also worked on DC’s Batman and Green Arrow: Year One, and Dark Reign: Hawkeye and Thunderbolts for Marvel. If you head over to his website, you can get a taste of his writing by checking out his ‘scripts’ section, which includes Daredevil: Reborn #1 and Hellblazer #230.

IDW’s Doctor Who has changed guise a number of times, first launching with Agent Provocateur in 2008. This regenerated into an ongoing series starring David Tennant’s tenth Doctor, alongside new companions, Emily Winters and Matthew Finnegan.

Volume two was launched in 2011, fronted by the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory, but gave way to Assimilation in early May. The first two volumes were predominantly written by Tony Lee (Doctor Who Magazine’s strip, F.A.Q.) with a rolling cast of artists like Matthew Dow Smith and Kelly Yates. Lee was also responsible for numerous limited series (The Forgotten) and one-shots (The Time Machination).

IDW is also responsible for reprinting classic DWM strips, and September will also see a paperback edition of The Doctor Who: Dave Gibbons Collection that was originally printed as a hardcover in December 2011.

Doctor Who #1 is released in September, and has an RRP of $3.99. Let’s hope it keeps going longer than its predecessors!


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