Karen Gillan's first appearance as Amy Pond in The Eleventh Hour

Does Amy’s Departure Tie in with The Eleventh Hour?

During the current run of Doctor Who, we’ve become accustomed to story arcs and long term pay offs, be it plots including Bad Wolf, Torchwood, Mr Saxon, the Cult of Skaro or the Time War.

But all that was under the Davies era (as it is now known, amazing how that’s a retrospect era already, this show moves a mile a second!) and the Moffat era has moved the goalposts slightly. We still have our wonderful, intricate series arcs but they’re delivered in a truly madcap Moffat style, which is glorious.

Karen Gillan's first appearance as Amy Pond in The Eleventh HourPerhaps however, the biggest payoff is still to come. Not the Fall of the Eleventh or the Fields of Trenzalore or even Silence falling. No, it appears that Moffat has had an idea in his head for many, many years now involving Amy Pond’s departure from the TARDIS forever, something that appears in The Eleventh Hour that will become apparent in the last Pond episode in series 7. During an on stage interview, Matt Smith commented:

“There’s something coming up in the final days of the Ponds that was in The Eleventh Hour…there’s a shot in that. [Moffat’s] been thinking about it that long. He always knew how she was going to… I’m saying too much already.”

We wonder what it could be. Was there a moment when Amy was on her own and something happened? Did Amelia, in her final TARDIS days, go back in time and do something very clever? Or did the Doctor do something even cleverer? We’ll just have to wait a few more months…

Smith also mentions the upcoming Christmas special with new actress Jenna Louise- Coleman and the Moffat scripts that the actors had to work with:

“I don’t know what he does in his mind…Just how does he come up with it? There’s a bit in the middle that’s just poetic. It’s so wonderful.”

Get ready for some wholehearted Christmas crying! Smith also talks about the possibility of Sherlock Homes appearing in an episode of Doctor Who in the future:

“I think [the Doctor] would just find Sherlock Holmes to be a bit silly, and I think Sherlock would find the Doctor to be really silly, so it could be very funny. But I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.”

If anyone’s interested in finding out how the Doctor and Holmes would interact, you can try and tack down a copy of the Virgin New Adventure All Consuming Fire, which sees the world’s greatest detective meet the Universe’s greatest!


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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