Genuine Tennant Era Replica Dalek For Sale

Here’s a chance to get your hands on a genuine BBC licenced David Tennant era gold replica Dalek replica – with a TARDIS prop replica thrown in for free!

Seller heatedcathode is selling the professionally built Dalek – which was commissioned for his son, to stand on display at a Boy Scout’s Centenary Camp in Europe and was recently the star of Mysticon, Virginia – is being sold on to a new Time Lord after his son no longer wanted the Dalek (no, really).

The Dalek was constructed by Toby Chamberlain of This Planet Earth Ltd – the only company licenced by the BBC to create stunningly rendered, full sized replicas of Skaros best. For anyone who picked up the Day of the Daleks: Special Edition DVD release will be familiar with Toby’s work as he built and operated one of Daleks used in the filming that helped re-create and re-master the original story.

Standing at 5’ 6’’ tall, the gold Dalek is 3’ 6’’ wide and 3’ 6’’ front to back, speaks 6 key phrases and is controlled by a wireless control box (although it isn’t fully motorised – perhaps a challenge for its eventual owner?)

Now you can’t have a Dalek without the Doctor but as you can’t really sell actual humans on eBay you’ll have to make do with this TARDIS prop replica. The prop was originally part of a full TARDIS which has since been broken down. It’s authentically painted in a familiar hue of blue with professionally created signs and an illuminated light box.

Naturally, such a fantastically detailed prop is quite expensive ($15,000.00 which doesn’t include the cost of shipping such a delicate item) but hopefully it’ll find the right fan and continue to impress and terrify a whole new set of fans.

For full details of the sale, visit eBay!


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