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Introducing the Wife to Time and Space?

Being a Doctor Who fan is not generally seen by the general public as being the profession of a happily married man (basement-dwelling stereotypes still rule the day).

One plucky fan has decided to take a step towards changing that by roping in his wife to a series-spanning rewatch of every episode in order, in an effort to show her why he loves it so much. Neil Perryman, the fan in question, has set up a site to chronicle her reactions to every episode (all the episodes are grouped under one serial) and to just generally take her through his adventures in time and space.

I envy him. If I had a wife I’d probably watch Doctor Who alone in my study, with a glass of brandy in one hand and a belt in the other.

Going from just the first serial (I’m a busy man, alright?), there’s some gold to be found in these chronicles:

Sue: It can’t compete with that opening episode. There are far too many scenes of cavemen bickering and not enough action. And the special effects are rubbish.

Me: But there aren’t any special effects.

Sue: Exactly.

The following line of dialogue had me chuckling away:

Sue: He’s a smoker! You’d never get away with that today. Imagine Matt Smith pulling out some Lambert and Butler.

One wonders if Sue delivers such perfect set-ups and lines but frankly it doesn’t matter, because the result of writing down her reactions is interesting and funny.

Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself – at this point they’re up to Talons Of Weng Chiang! 


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