Klingons on the Starboard Bow?

Issue 5 of the Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover Assimilation2Here’s fun: jealous failed comic writer fanboy rakish rapscallion Rich Johnston has been stirring up a hornet’s nest over at Bleeding Cool by injecting some intrigue into the departure of Tony Lee from IDW’s Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover, Assimilation².

Lee’s role was apparently more advisory than plotting, but his departure from the comic book series reveals more about IDW’s coming Doctor Who plans for 2013 rather than any disagreements with the Tiptons. Lee announced at the 11th Hour convention at the weekend that his involvement was coming to to a close, and told Johnston later:

“Obviously there are aspects of the second half that I was involved with at the planning stages, but I look forward to reading these issues as a fan”.

Over at Bleeding Cool, however, Johnston has been making a lot more of this than necessary, leading Tony Lee to tweet:

“Where it’s true I have left the book after issue four, it was after discussions with IDW, discussions that also involved my next project and the legwork needed to ensure it could hit the ground running, legwork that would interrupt my duties on this book. I was involved understood why I was moving onto the next project. I couldn’t possibly comment on anything else involving the book because as far the plotting of all eight issues, but as for scripting I will indeed be reading it as a fan with the others when it comes out. As for relations breaking down there is nothing further from the truth, and the last time I spoke to them we had no issues, and as I’m concerned, there’s nothing worth commenting on. The cover does look pretty swish though!”

Scott Tipton has also chimed in on the alleged “falling out”:

For the record, to echo Tony, there were and are absolutely no hard feelings or bad blood between he and my brother and I. Tony provided valuable input on the first four scripts, with good material that we happily incorporated into the series.

Tony Lee, meanwhile, has said that IDW have asked him to work on a Doctor Who comic series for 2013…

So there you have it – not one, but two great Doctor Who comic spectaculars with Tony Lee involved on both and absolutely nothing to worry about!


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