Two New Forbidden Planet Exclusives!

Forbidden Planet will release two new figures exclusively later this year: a post-regeneration Fifth Doctor in August, and a Genesis Dalek in December.

Fifth Doctor Who post-regeneration figure
The Fifth Doctor set shows Peter Davison’s incarnation shortly after regenerating in Logopolis, complete, naturally, with a rather fetching scarf. This look was exhibited throughout Castrovalva before he found his cricketing jacket (and stick of celery). The Master’s TARDIS – shown as the stone column that originally appeared in Logopolis – accompanies it, as well as a victim of the Tissue Compression Eliminator.

The set is due for release on 20th August for just £19.99!

And from the viewpoint of the Kaleds, the Dalek figure represents the very first of a new race, created by Davros. Or by Terry Nation and Raymond Cusick, if you prefer.

There are, or course, many Dalek sets available, based on serials like Destiny of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks. This latest addition (released on 15th December) comes from Genesis of the Daleks, originally released alongside the Fourth Doctor, Davros and one other Dalek – and still for sale through Forbidden Planet.

The metal menaces are due to return to screens this Autumn in Asylum of the Daleks, promising every single model from the show’s history. So with an RRP of £22.99 and a pre-order price of £19.99, this ‘retro action figure’ Dalek will be a perfect Christmas present for anyone who wants a bit of exterminating action!


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