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Doctor Who: The Card Game is coming soonIf you’ve been enjoying recent Doctor Who card game releases (Battles In Time fans we’re looking in your direction) then you’ll be happy to know that a brand new one is about to be released!

Cubicle 7 will release the game, created by popular designer and Treefrog Games founder Martin Wallace, in August this year.

There will be the opportunity to have up to four players involved and the game will cost £24.99 to enable you to defend the Universe with Doctor and his friends.

Those of you lucky enough to attend Games Expo in Birmingham this weekend may have seen a preview of The Card Game at the event, if you didn’t make it don’t fret, pictures and details should start to reveal themselves shortly.

More details about game mechanics are yet to be revealed but you can read a short paragraph that describes the game’s intent and also preorder it from the Forbidden Planet website.

Players will pit the Doctor’s enemies against each other in order to defend specific locations to earn points.

Drawing five cards a turn players will use strategically banked cards and three cards unloaded on them by their fellow players to set up the perfect three cards made up of either attackers (Daleks, The Master, etc), defenders (the Doctor and his companions), locations and support cards to defend or attack there’s or other players locations.

To increase your arsenal there are Support Cards, which can enhance your banked cards and earn you Time Points (which in turn can earn you extra cards), Conquest Tokens (pictures of the Daleks in the shade of the players cards), and Defender Tokens (pictures of TARDIS’ in similar shades) which can be used, in conjuction with a strong defender or attacker hand, as an effective free turn (and an ideal opportunity to say: “This planet is defended!”)

Whoever has the most point at the end, wins!

For a few snaps of the game in progress from the Game Expo head over to Newcastle Gamers.

You can claim your Doctor Who: The Card Game from!

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