Karen’s Horror Flick Challenge!


While you’re watching the Ponds run around with the Doctor this autumn, Karen Gillan will be embarking on a new project written by Mike Flanagan (who will also be directing) and Jeff Howard, which will hit cinemas in 2014.

The film, Oculus, sees Kaz get a chance to exercise her acting muscles in a supernatural horror. The premise of the film is that a young girl’s parents are murdered and her brother is arrested for the crime. Ten years later, the girl has grown (and how!) into the body of Karen Gillan and she believes that her brother was wrongly accused. To confirm this, she starts looking into the supernatural in the belief that a supernatural force was behind it. According to IMDB, she is attempting to exonerate him by “proving that a supernatural agent was behind it”. Good luck with that, love.

As most horror films these days seem to have some sort of twist at the end, odds are good that the twist in this one will be that she killed her own parents. Ya heard it here first!

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