Matt Smith as the Doctor!

Something Special From SDCC

Matt Smith as the Doctor!

The San Diego Comic-Con is over and while it may be time to put your homemade Ice Warrior costume back on ice there’s still a whole smorgasbord of comments, clips and potential spoilers to work our way through up until the Comic Con confirmed August start date.

Thankfully there is a promise, a bold promise direct from the Doctor Who crew themselves: Doctor Who is about to show us something we’ve never seen before.

But first, with the absence of clips (surely it’s just a matter of time before they appear) we’ll have to settle for this detailed description of two clips from the episode formerly known as ‘The Gunslinger’

Get ready to mosey on into A Town Called Mercy:

“The Doctor, Amy and Rory walk into a saloon in the Old West town of Mercy — and it looks like the usual bit where everybody stops playing cards and the piano stops playing, as everyone stares. The Doctor bellies up to the bar and asks for a tea — the strongest possible, with the teabag still in there. The undertaker comes and starts measuring him for a coffin — and then something truly surprising happens. Someone asks the Doctor if he’s an alien.

The Doctor says that it’s all a matter of perspective — from his standpoint, all of them are aliens. But yes, as far as they’re concerned, he is an alien. And they all mob him.”

Think that was exciting? Well here’s that something special; move over Snakes on a Plane; it’s a clip description from the magnificently titled Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

“We start out with the Doctor in Ancient Egypt, where Nefertiti has fallen in love with him and doesn’t want to let him leave. Then the Doctor gets a sudden alert (like a car horn honking) and so he takes Nefertiti with him — to the future, where a mysterious spaceship is going to crash into Earth.

The Earth defense leader tells the Doctor that if the ship comes within 10,000 kilometers of Earth, they’re going to have to shoot it down — and that’s six hours from now. So the Doctor decides to round up a gang to investigate it.

First, he lands in 1901, where Riddell, a big game hunter on Safari has been waiting ten months for the Doctor to return with some sweets. The big game hunter (Rupert Graves) hears that the Doctor has a big adventure afoot… and goes with the Doctor.

Then we look in on the Ponds, where Rory’s father Brian (Mark Williams) is fixing a light socket. And then the TARDIS materializes at the worst possible moment — right around Amy, Rory and Brian. The Doctor doesn’t even notice that he’s taken Rory’s dad along for the ride… until they’ve materialized on the mysterious spaceship, and then he yells at Rory for bringing his father without asking first… And then we’re investigating the spaceship, and there are spider webs everywhere — which, as the Doctor says, is unusual in space. Eventually, the Doctor and his “gang” (Riddell, Nefertiti, Rory, Amy and Brian) come to a huge ominous door… which slowly opens, revealing two huge, massive dinosaurs.”

And then there was the panel itself. Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Caroline Skinner assembled for the screaming hordes in Hall H and answered fans questions about just what Series Seven has in store:

“Moffat promises “more Daleks than you’ve ever seen in one place — and every generation of Dalek.” And it looks fantastic, now that the visual effects are just being completed. “Lots and lots and lots of Daleks. All the things you see when you close your eyes,”

Other than the Daleks family get-together there’s the small matter of the Pond’s departure, of which there were plenty of questions and, of course, absolutely no answers:

“As for the Ponds’ farewell, Moffat says, “That episode was a tough one to write. I think I was relieved when I finished writing it, and it kind of made sense. I’ve written my last words ever for Amy and Rory. Of course I hadn’t, there’s always something else. But it was genuinely very sad.”

But later, when moderator Chris Hardwick says there’s no way to write the Ponds out permanently, Moffat hints he may have done just that. Hardwick, in turn, says we all trust Moffat not to break our hearts for too long, and he replies: “Why did you trust me? What have I ever done to earn that?”

To read more of the casts impressions of one another, whether or not they’ll be more than one Doctor appearing at the fiftieth anniversary bash and just how bad was the casts rendition of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ head over to Io9.



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