The Ambassadors of Death in October!


Third Doctor adventure, The Ambassadors of Death will be released on DVD on 1st October!

The 1970 seven-parter is the final story of Season 7 to be released, featuring Liz Shaw (the late, great Caroline John) alongside Jon Pertwee’s Doctor and Nicholas Courtney’s Brigadier. It’s also the last to be partly-written by David Whitaker (The Edge of Destruction; The Power of the Daleks).

In The Ambassadors of Death, the Doctor and UNIT investigate the disappearance of the Mars Probe Seven after a recovery team is silenced by an unearthly sound. And when the astronauts return, they’re not the same men that went into space – and it looks like someone’s working against UNIT to beckon in an invasion…

The serial was originally due for release in a box set alongside The Sun Makers, but ongoing restoration work saw it delayed until this year. The colour tapes of episodes 2- 7 are all lost, meaning much of the serial was only in black-and-white. However, these six episodes have been recoloured using the same technique applied to episode 3 of Planet of the Daleks

The DVD will include a commentary, Mars Probe 7: Making The Ambassadors of Death, the usual photo gallery, and Tomorrow’s Times – The Third Doctor.

Released on 1st October 2012, this long-awaited release has an RRP of £20.42, but you’ll find it available on Amazon to pre-order for just £14.99.


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