This Does Not Actually Screw Things

A couple of years ago, we learned that scientists working in the field of ‘funology’ had come up with a sonic screwdriver remote that actually controls your telly.

The remote works in a similar way to the Wii Remote, with arm gestures being the order of the day. A wave upwards and downwards will change the channel either way, while waving it in a circle will give you control over life and death on such a scale tha–sorry, got carried away there. What waving it in a circle actually does is give you volume control.

What’s worrying about this is that it isn’t clear if there are any buttons on the thing (although there is the capacity to store remote codes, which we suppose amounts to the same thing). This will make getting to Babestation troublesome, at the very least. Especially for people who can only see your back and the telly.

It doesn’t just control your TV – it also works on iPod docks or Blu-ray players. Which is great for those who’ve lost their remotes.

So far, it’s not known when the screwdriver will be on sale but if there’s any justice in the world, it’ll be in the hands of small children by the 25th of December, turning to the Christmas Special. One for the big kid inside all of us!


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