Cyberman for Sale!

It’s surely a long-held dream of many-a-whovian to own original props and costumes. And especially to own something related to the Big Two: the Daleks and Cybermen. Well, now part of that dream can come true. Geniune Cyberman costume

Phoenix Rising has a complete Cyberman costume, with gun, (circa Earthshock) for sale on eBay. Produced as a replica by Sevans in the Wilderness Years – aka the 1990s – it’s a higher quality suit than those used on television, with a gun that uses red strobe lighting to imitate the effect of being fired. The head and chest unit is particularly impressive, sporting black ‘handlebars,’ and would look incredible in any surroundings. (Great for dinner parties, I’m sure.)

Finishing at 7:05pm tonight, it’s achieved its starting bid of £2,000 with ease, but increasing in £50 increments, it’s bound to go for a huge price.

But if you’re looking for something more than a ‘mere’ replica, the seller also has an original Cyberman gun for sale, used in 1983’s The Five Doctors.

It’s obviously extremely rare, especially as it comes with a certificate of authenticity… and the Cyberman gun from The Five Doctors - now on eBay!lights still work! It currently has just one bid – of £1,400 – but it’s guaranteed to rocket up before the auction’s end tomorrow morning at 06.27am.

The Five Doctors celebrated Doctor Who’s 20th anniversary, which saw four Doctors and various companions come up against all manner of foes, including Cybermen, a Dalek, the Master – and a grassy slope!

The eBay seller says he also has a Genesis of the Daleks-era Davros replica, which should go on sale soon.

Will you be bidding on any of these items…?



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