Rory and Amy: life without the Doctor

Darvill: Are We Done?

Rory and Amy: life without the Doctor

As we prepare ourselves for the final emotional rollercoaster ride that will leave up to the departure of the Ponds from the Doctor’s life forever, we all keep forgetting that the scenes were actually filmed quite a while ago and that Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan have already left the world of Doctor Who!

Website caught up with them recently for a quick chat to discover anything that they could about the new series of Doctor Who and what their plans for the future were. Here are some of the choice cuts for you!

On the Doctor’s companions leaving him in the show:

Karen Gillan: In terms of performances, I loved watching David Tennant leave Billie Piper on the each because she just looked like he was genuinely leaving. She was genuinely crying. Then there’s Freema Agyeman [who played Martha Jones]. She had that unrequited love and had to get out. It was all pretty painful in a good way.

Arthur Darvill: Yeah, it’s always emotional when a companion leaves, but that’s what the show is about. No one can stay with the Doctor forever. It makes really good telly.

Regarding filming their last scenes, the duo also joked:

Darvill: We actually had our last day several weeks ago — and then we got a call, “Hey we need to do some reshoots.”

Gillan: “Hi, we’re back!”

Darvill: We kept going back over the last few weeks. It was like, Are we really actually done this time?

Looking forward to the new episodes and what they can say about them:

Gillan: Our remaining five episodes are kind of mini-movies, more epic than ever. We find Amy and Rory in a really interesting —

Darvill: Sticky.

Gillan: — yeah, sticky situation in their relationship. You see a whole new side to them. The Daleks are in the first episode, as well, and they’re genuinely scary this time. I’ve never found them scary before.

Darvill: Really?

Gillan: I don’t know why. But this time? Creepy.

And finally, whilst talking about the favourite episode to film, Gillan and Darvill let slip a cryptic hint about their final episode and how it will link into Matt Smith’s very first adventure, The Eleventh Hour:

Gillan: Our first episode, “The Eleventh Hour.” That was so magical. I love, which I can’t say, one scene we did in the final episode.

Darvill: Oooooh, yeah.

Gillan: It was charged.

The Ponds’ final days will start with Asylum of the Daleks which will air on BBC One Saturday 1st September 2012.


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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