Is THIS the “Look” of the New Companion?

The fact that the Doctor Who Christmas specials are filmed in the sunnier months is nothing new to any fan of the show, and is just part of the usual production schedule for the show.

The Daily Mail don’t appear to be familiar with this, however, going to the lengths of treating it as part of the story (“a Christmas special filming in summer? How unusual!”). They also don’t appear to be familiar with the Silurians, captioning a picture of Madame Vastra with:

“Eek! An out of this world creature was seen in funeral garments for the special episode.”

But that’s beside the point, sadly (we could write entire books on how bad the tabloids are about such things). The reason we bring them up is that they have brought us some new pictures of Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character from the upcoming Christmas special/latter half of Series 7. So we can be grateful for that.

As you can see in these (and other) pictures even though the look is different, an outfit of sorts seems to have developed. A red bag is a constant, as is something that shows off the legs. However, with suggestions that the character is Victorian and the fact that these pictures weren’t posed for, it’s entirely possible that this is just the kind of thing that she wears on a day-to-day basis and it has nothing to do with her character’s outfit.

Frankly, this writer thinks she’ll probably look good dressed as a giant kipper and wearing a welding mask…



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