So, When IS Doctor Who Coming Back?

It’s Tuesday. In the UK this means Radio Times release day, and we can confirm that there is no mention of Doctor Who in the “next issue” section of the magazine, ruling out August 25th (thank goodness!).

So, just when is Doctor Who Series 7 going to hit our screens?

With a preview screening at the BFI tonight and another at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival on August 25th (a Bank holiday weekend and as such a prime start date), there is going to be an awful lot of spoiler space for Asylum of the Daleks.

While Doctor Who Magazine‘s print scheduling issues are nothing to do with the scheduling of the new series, we could nevertheless be looking at a September 1st or September 8th launch for the new series.

This isn’t really a good reason to be happy.

After all, when August was first mooted, it was widely felt that this is too early. Doctor Who always worked better on dark nights in the old days and there is no reason why this shouldn’t be the case now. Waters of Mars is a key example of modern Doctor Who broadcast with darkening skies outside, enhancing the atmosphere.

So why not screen Doctor Who in October, running right into the Christmas episode, leaving it a few weeks and then picking up the rest of Series 7?

From what we understand, there is one word preventing this: Merlin. But why shouldn’t both shows be broadcast on the same evening in a blockbuster of time travelling fantasy adventure every Saturday evening?


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