Rory and Amy: life without the Doctor

The Newsletter Returns!

Welcome, Kasterborite, to the new-look Kasterborous Newsletter!

After a few weeks off (a holiday, planning and writing the forthcoming magazine…) we’re back and raring to go in advance of Series 7. You’ve probably already seen our recent coverage of the Asylum of the Daleks screening in New York, but that is really the tip of a TARDIS-shaped iceberg of recent additions to Kasterborous.

Below we’ll let you know what the most popular articles have been in the past week so that you can check them out.

We’ve reformatted things in the newsletter to make it easier to read and a more effective resource; as such, you’ll need to click the links below to head to the articles concerned while we use the newsletter as a better communication tool to let you know exactly what is going on at Kasterborous and with our ongoing projects.

Rory and Amy: life without the Doctor

Time Leech and Kasterborous Magazine

Supplies of Time Leech are running low as we approach Doctor Who Series 7, with just under 50 copies left between now and Children in Need in November!

The comic strip – printed as a limited edition to raise funds for CiN and the AICR (a charity of which David Tennant is patron) – will then no longer be available in printed or electronic form. As such if you want to get your copy of the 2009 comic which features a time-distorting leech and some timey-wimey Dalek action, then you need to act now!

Meanwhile if you’re a regular visitor to Facebook or you follow us on Twitter, you may well be aware of the forthcoming Kasterborous Magazine, to which we’re currently putting the finishing touches.

Full details are as yet to be released (we’ll have a list of some features in the coming days) but in the meantime you can join the Kasterborous Magazine group on Facebook!

From the Vortex: The Vampire Situation

Back in 2010, Doctor Who was accused of jumping on the Twilight bandwagon with Vampires of Venice. Of course, that wasn’t entirely accurate; the Doctor has tackled vampires of various types many times over… Read The Vampire Situation.

This Week’s PodKast

In this week’s podKast (with a “K”) we’ll be chatting to Brian Terranova in full spoiler-free mode as he gets over-excited about his trip to New York and the Asylum of the Daleks preview. We’ll also have a discussion about Steven Moffat’s Q&A at the Edinburgh Television Festival.

Interview Exclusive: John Guilor

We wouldn’t want our readers to miss out on all of the old features of the Kasterborous Newsletter, would we? Here’s a few wise words from Time Lord voice artist John Guilor, whose voice appears as the First Doctor on the new Planet of Giants DVD.

It wasn’t easy…

The main challenge was that I couldn’t – and wouldn’t want to anyway – give a Richard Hurndall type first Doctor. By which I mean my own interpretation. Because of the nature of the project, I had to get as close to Hartnell as possible. Now, we can perhaps all do a ‘silly Hartnell’ and ‘hmmmppphhh’ and say ‘Chesterling’, but I had to convince the producer, the stars, and finally the audience that this could well be William Hartnell speaking the lines we lost so long ago.

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