The TARDIS-esque Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

What if the Doctor Used a Nokia Lumia 900?

The TARDIS-esque Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

Does this phone remind you of anything?

Nok Nok, a website dedicated to all things Nokia have asked the question; the ultimate question, the question hidden in plain sight: What smartphone would the Doctor use?

Unsurprisingly, (as far as they’re concerned) it’s a Nokia.

More specifically it’s the Nokia Lumia 900 – a Windows phone whose ‘tile’ system bares more than a passing resemblance to the panel on the TARDIS doors.

Now, rather than dedicating an entire television series arch to unfolding said question and then a further series to answer it Nok Nok have instead listed the reason why the Doctor would pick a Windows phone over an Android, Apple or even an open source operating system.

Firstly there are the specifications; what better way to check out facts about the myriad planets and time zones the Doctor visits than with a 4:3-inch screen? Exploring the planet and learning about individual customs yourself? No!

And don’t forget the eight megapixel camera with the new excellent Nokia Camera Extras – including the fabulous the Panorama app!

Now, it’s well documented that the Doctor has a habit of getting lost or arriving at the wrong time or location but with Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps, the Doctor will have no excuse for his enchanting, magical unplanned trips to untold wonders and will instead become punctual – which is way more exciting, I think you’ll agree.

As with most smartphone, it’s all about the apps and the Doctor has plenty to choose from:

“For example, the Sonic Screwdriver may be as iconic as the good Doctor’s TARDIS but in this age where everything is being integrated into your smartphone, having a virtual Sonic Screwdriver is just as good.”

Which it almost certainly isn’t…

“Options are available to mute the Sonic Screwdriver sound, have a loop instead of repeating endlessly and to stop the vibration of the Sonic Screwdriver.”

Because what the Doctor needs most is a less annoying life saving device like say, his actual screwdriver.

With Series 7 imminent we’re about to see a whole host of the Doctor’s greatest foes grace our screens once again with Asylum of the Daleks, so what better time to for the Doctor to download the Dalek Soundboard – which plays a raft of Dalek sounds from various incarnations to defend himself in oddly specific situations.

For more on the Nokia Lumia 900 and more Doctor Who apps head over to Nok Nok.

(And yes, we’re well aware that the Doctor is far more likely to use a device running an open-source operating system… it’s fun to see that so many tenuous links to the show are cropping up to earn some coin though, isn’t it?)


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