The Doctor fights for his life in the Matrix, thanks to Artron Energy

What The Heck is Artron?

The Doctor fights for his life in the Matrix, thanks to Artron EnergyThe eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that a new box has appeared on the right-hand side of Kasterborous, headed “Your Artron Energy”.

Fans of classic Doctor Who will know that Artron Energy is a key aspect of a Time Lord’s existence; the more he has, the stronger he will be in certain life and death situations, such as, well, fighting Chancellor Goth in the Matrix.

If we cast our minds back a couple of years to when the Kasterborous Doctor Who Forum was last regularly used, we had a point scoring tool which we called Artron. Posters could award or subtract Artron from other members, resulting in an interesting inter-forum measure of respect.

What we’ve done today is bring it back, in a slightly modified form, across the entire website.

On the right of this news item you’ll spot the the box in question, which will either read:

  • You need to be logged in to view your points.


  • Artron: [followed by a value]

All registered commenters and Forum members at Kasterborous will have the opportunity to increase their Artron when carrying out the following actions:

Points for new members: 100
Visiting daily: 1
Points for each news or reviews page comment: 5
Points for new topic: 10
Points for new post: 5
Points for rating a post: 2
Points for user have posted rated: 1
Points for creating a poll: 5
Points for voting in a poll: 3
Points for users poll getting a vote: 1

As you can imagine, regular readers and commenters are likely to generate quite high levels of Artron! We’re currently considering just what a high amount of points will mean to our readers. Ideas currently under consideration are branded Kasterborous merchandise, but we’ll iron those details out later on.

In the meantime, get commenting, post in the Forum and don’t forget to visit regularly to boost your Artron Energy!


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