Dinosaurs on a Spaceship ReKapped!

Egypt, 1334 BC. Fresh from a weapons-bearing giant alien locust attack that he stopped rather brilliantly, the Doctor is cornered by Queen Nefertiti. He’s saved by the psychic paper as he receives a call from…

The Indian Space Agency, 2367 AD. There’s a ship the size of Canada heading towards Earth. The Doctor knows somebody who’d like to see that – and the Ponds! Can’t forget the Ponds! Oh, and he’s brought Nefertiti with him too…

The African Plains, 1902 AD. Seven months and two very disappointed dancers later, big-game hunter, John Riddell finally sees the Doctor again. And he’s found something.

Ten months after facing the Daleks, it looks as if Amy and Rory have left the back door open – but it’s actually the TARDIS, materialising around them. And Rory’s dad, Brian.

The Doctor and his gang arrive on the spaceship, and Rory explains to Brian that after his wedding, Amy and he didn’t go travelling to Thailand – more like, the entirety of space and time. He doesn’t have long to take this in, however, before they discover what dangers lurk in the elevator: dinosaurs! On a spaceship!

They must be preserved – but the Indian Space Agency is set to blow the spaceship out of the sky in just six hours. As the Doctor explains, though, six hours is a lifetime (well, not actually a lifetime – that’s what they’re trying to avoid).

The Doctor, Rory and Brian accidentally teleport to the main engine room, leaving Amy with two companions of her own, the flirty Queen and the walking-innuendo, Riddell.

The beach on which the Doctor, Rory and Brian find themselves looks a lot like Alfalfa Metraxi, but is, in fact, the engine room, powering the ship using hydro-generators. Retreating from Pterodactyls, the three are taken hostage by those Rusty Mitchell and Webb Robots, following orders from their injured boss, Solomon.

While the Doctor befriends a Triceratops, Amy finds out that the ship is a Silurian Ark, rescuing animals from Earth when an asteroid threatened to destroy all life (but actually became the moon), and lets the Doctor know. However, there are no life signs of Homo-Reptilia on board…

Soloman’s craft is embedded in the ancient ship, and the Doctor finds out why: he’s a pirate, transporting the dinosaurs to sell in the Rockspawn Peninsula. But he can’t change the ship’s course; it’s still heading back to Earth to impending destruction and with no defence systems.

They can’t get the ship’s original owners to steer the ship as Soloman threw the Silurians out of an airlock.

The Doctor, Rory and Brian make their escape on the Triceratops, and hope to talk the ISA out of firing – but the missiles are locked on regardless. Soloman realises this, and teleports to the Doctor’s location. He also realises that he can’t escape on his ship with his intended cargo, but has found one thing that’s worth even more to him: Queen Nefertiti.

Amy, Riddell and Nefertiti also teleport there, and the latter gives herself up after Soloman threatens to destroy the dinosaurs. Soloman retreats to his own ship with his new priceless possession.

With seventeen minutes until the missiles hit, the gang go to the Control Deck and the Doctor puts phase two into action and magnetises Soloman’s ship, so he can’t get away.

To pilot the ship, two members of the same gene-chain are needed – so Rory and his dad duly volunteer. With phase two sorted, the Doctor puts phase one into practise; meanwhile, he talks to Amy about what he’s missed. She still waits for that familiar blue box to appear, and fears he’s trying to wean them off him. He tells her that she’ll always be there – until the end of him, and she ominously jokes, “Or vice versa.”

With Velociraptors approaching from all sides, Riddell and Amy hold them off using stun guns, while Rory and Brian turn the ship around. The Doctor grabs an orb out of the Control Deck, and teleports to Soloman’s ship. He deactivates the robots, and tells the pirate-come-rogue-trader that the orb emits the signal that the missiles are locked onto. He begs for mercy, and the Doctor questions Soloman’s mercy when massacring the Silurians. He demagnetises the ship, and teleports away with Queen Nefertiti.

The missiles hit their new target.

Amy and Rory want to go home – but Brian asks the Doctor for a favour first. He enjoys lunch sat by the open TARDIS doors and looking down at the Earth, suspended in space. The three are dropped back in Leadworth, and Riddell returns to the African Plains… alongside Nefertiti!

Amy and Rory now have a wall dedicated to postcards from Brian, who has been travelling around the world since his adventure on a spaceship. The latest addition? A postcard from the dinosaurs’ new home, Siluria.

Next Time: The Doctor questions his own morality when facing the cyborg, Gunslinger in A Town Called Mercy!


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