Kasterborous Magazine Goes Digital

Life’s a funny old thing. You make plans, advance them, do all of the work to make them happen and then suddenly things change.

We’ve been developing Kasterborous Magazine now since 2010, trying to find a niche, a way to pitch it that hasn’t really be done before. Focusing on the ways fandom expresses its love for Doctor Who seemed to be the best angle, something which we’re sure our readers will be intrigued by.

However, it won’t be something they’ll be intrigued by on paper.

Following a few discussions recently we’ve come to the realisation that this has to be a purely digital project – certainly for the time being, at least. This means that Kasterborous Magazine will be available – when the time comes – as a PDF or in Flash/HTML5 as an interactive e-magazine, similar to those you might find via an app such as Zinio.

We’re guilty of jumping the gun on Saturday, and as editor I take full responsibility. So anything you saw back then – cover art, images, etc. – can all be safely forgotten… for now. Incidentally, the pre-order purchasers (to whom we are very grateful) have had their money refunded.

So what’s next? Basically, we finalise the cover, lock down the layout and contents and prepare for electronic distribution, safe in the knowledge that this is something that can be achieved the moment a copy is bought. There will be no troubling discussions with printers, no issues with page counts and no stock threatening to tumble over in the corner of an unused (or worse, occupied) room.

Kasterborous Magazine will ship directly to your computer, phone or tablet – that’s pretty cool, really, don’t you think?


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