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Hi everyone!

Well, what can you say? Doctor Who Series 7 came back with a bang with Asylum of the Daleks, but as we send this newsletter out on a Sunday there is a good chance that you may not have seen the episode yet.

As such, we’ll avoid saying too much about it, other than let you know that Kasterborous Towers resembled something of an asylum itself straight after viewing, with the team baffled and thrilled in equal amounts. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in our poll and look out for Elton Townend-Jones’ review of the episode. Meanwhile, we’ll be previewing the next episode, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, on Monday, with images from the episode available in gallery form on Tuesday.

This week’s newsletter features some new information about Kasterborous Magazine, as well as an exclusive few words from Karen Gillan.

Preorder Kasterborous Magazine!

By now you should have seen the cover and a short brief list of some of the contents of Kasterborous Magazine #1 – if not, read on…

First, here’s the current version of the cover, which of course is subject to change.

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan Tom MacRae, John Guilor and Dalek Building in Kasterborous Magazine Issue 1!

As ever, we try to give our newsletter readers a bit of an advantage for their loyalty to the Kaster-cause. So, here’s a slightly more detailed list of items from the magazine:

  • In the Shed: Build Your Own Dalek
  • Doctor Who and the Curse of the Videogames
  • Audio Club: The Harvest
  • Our exclusive Crash of the Elysium feature
  • A very special – and fascinating – interview with John Guilor
  • Recreating Classic FX: the 2005 Fireball Trailer
  • The Valeyard’s Time Column
  • Interviews and Reviews from The Doctor Who Convention and the NYC Asylum of the Daleks Premiere

You can pre-order your copy of Kasterborous Magazine via PayPal.

We’ll have a further list of features released over the coming week, but remember that you can join the Kasterborous Magazine group on Facebook for up-to-date information about the project.

From the Vortex: The Cult of Skaro

Some expert word play in this week’s trip into the Vortex, which recalls Nick Brown’s explanation on how the word “exterminate” came to define the Daleks after a lot of false starts… Read The Cult of Skaro.

This Week’s PodKast

In just a few hours time we’ll be recording a brand new podKast, featuring Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova and James McLean. Unsurprisingly we’ll be dissecting Asylum of the Daleks and speculating on the role of Jenna-Louise Coleman. Not to mentioned teasing Brian for keeping it all to himself for so long.

Interview Exclusive: Karen Gillan

Chatting at the US premiere of Asylum of the Daleks in NYC last week, Karen Gillan reveals where she would most like to travel through time to.

“I’d always like think I’d go as far into the future as possible before the sun explodes. Just see what the world is like and how it has progressed and just see what we look like physically. I just have a feeling that because we have all these computers and stuff that we wont do anything for ourselves, we’ll all develop these massive brains and have really like frail bodies because we won’t do anything for ourselves, we’ll let robots do it.”

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