Steven Moffat – The Great “Lady Issues” Debate

Those of you who are active in the fandom will be aware of Steven Moffat’s alleged problems with writing female characters (alleged because not everybody will agree that he has them). For those of you who aren’t quite swayed yet, another blow has been struck to the case for the defence.

S.E. Smith of Think Progress has put together (on the back of Asylum Of The Daleks) a piece about Steven Moffat’s lady issues. It makes for interesting reading. One can’t help but think that it could do with an update based on the last two episodes of Doctor Who, as A Town Called Mercy sidelines women almost entirely. Still, S.E has plenty to talk about, taking in characters across Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Some choice quotes include:

I rather wish the man would write a submarine drama or something just to give us a break from his attempts at female characters, because it would be a relief for us all. Maybe they’ve got an opening on Last Resort he could fill for a bit.

When [Amy’s] characterisation isn’t about her relationship with the Doctor, it’s about her relationship with her fiance and later spouse; nowhere in here is there room for Amy to be herself.

Who is Amy Pond, really? Can you define her by anything other that her relationships to the two major men in her life?

Food for thought, no? You can check out the full piece (which in itself is pretty funny; the author’s got a great writing style) for a full appreciation of these concerns, not to mention some interesting comments…


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