Peter Davison stars as Doctor Who in The Burning Prince

The Burning Prince

Peter Davison stars as Doctor Who in The Burning PrinceThis month brings the start of an epic tale for the Doctor courtesy of Big Finish and it spans three of his lifetimes!

Centred around the Drashani Empire, the Doctor’s fifth, sixth and seventh incarnations fins themselves in trouble for decades as Doctor Who starts a Star Trek/Farscape/Stargate style space opera.

Beginning with The Burning Prince, the Fifth Doctor’s story is where it all begins:

The Drashani Empire – a galaxy-spanning civilisation, the glory of Rome set among the stars. But for decades now, the Royal Houses of Gadarel and Sorsha have been at war, each claiming the Imperial throne.

The wedding of Prince Kylo and Princess Aliona was meant to change all that – a blessed union between the Houses, a new hope for the Empire. Until Aliona’s wedding galley crash-landed on the planet Sharnax – and all contact was lost.

The TARDIS lands aboard the ship carrying the fiery Kylo in search of his lost princess – but with a sabre-toothed monster roaming its corridors, the Doctor soon discovers he’s not the only alien presence aboard.

Written by John Dorney and starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor (travelling solo) this mighty story is available to buy from Big Finish now, and guest stars Clive Mantel (Robin of Sherwood, Casualty) and Caroline Langrishe (Casualty).

The Burning Prince is available on CD for £14.99 or via download for £12.99 from now.


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