Tom Baker and Mary Tamm Star in Doctor Who: The Dalek Contract

The Fourth Doctor & Romana Versus The Daleks! Again!

Tom Baker and Mary Tamm Star in Doctor Who: The Dalek ContractSince the Daleks’ successful return the Saturday before last, a lot of attention has been given to reviews and summaries and so forth. Big Finish has capitalised upon this by announcing their new Dalek adventures.

So far, we know about the first one (there will be two) which sees Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor along with the recently departed Mary Tamm (obviously voicing the first Romana) take on the Daleks. John Leeson, who voices K9, is also along for the ride! More details are yet to be revealed but when we get them, you’ll be the first to know.

The story is being kept under wraps for now, more or less because, according to David Richardson,

it’s a culmination of threads that are set up earlier in the series.

What we do know is that it’s the first of two stories where the Doctor, Romana and K9 face the Daleks and have to ally with businessman Cuthbert (voiced by David Warner who also shows up in Series 7b) and some rebels on an icy planet. It’s always rebel fighters with the Daleks, isn’t it?

The first audiobook, The Dalek Contract (sixth in the second series of the Fourth Doctor Adventures) , comes out in June 2013 and is available for pre-order for £10.99 (downloads are £8.99 a pop) from the Big Finish website.


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