The Valeyard toys with the Doctor

The Valeyard Judges Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

The Valeyard toys with the DoctorAh home sweet home.

I have decided not to venture out this Saturday as been my habit of late. Instead I am seated comfortably in my black leather arm chair with Armitage in my lap and Lord Stormageddon on his way with a glass of Tab Clear and a family sized packet of Chilli Heatwave Doritos.

Although to be honest I may not require the bottle of Tab Clear as it would appear the Special Weapons Dalek functions surprisingly well as a hot chocolate dispenser. The steaming cup on the arm of my chair giving off a vague aroma of fudge stands as testament to that.

Indeed, the Special Weapons Dalek has proved increasingly useful in the past week since myself and Lord Stormageddon liberated it from the Asylum of the Daleks. My initial intention had been to treat it merely as a keepsake from my seventh incarnation and leave it gathering dust in the corner, but within a week it had hardwired itself into my TARDIS and had started acting as a Satellite Navigation system. Granted that every journey is detoured through early 21st century Cardiff, but you learn to adapt.

Since then the Special Weapons Dalek, or Derek as we’ve come to known him, has made himself such an integral part of life on board that I’m hard pressed to imagine how I survived without him. His ability to act as an MP3 player has been especially useful and it would transpire he has the complete works of Joseph Michael Straczynski and Aaron Sorkin stored on his hard drive. He also has every Virgin and BBC Books title between 1991 and 2005 in Kindle format. If only the Doctor Who Reprint Society knew.

But I digress.

Tonight’s episode is starting and I really should pay attention. Especially as I seem to have missed the opening episode of this particular series and I do not enjoy having to listen to Cawley complaining.

I must admit to enjoying this episode immensely. Rory’s father isn’t quite the iron patriarch that I was expecting and is played for humour rather than dramatic effect, but I found the insight into the boy’s upbringing to be quite insightful. It was also slightly troubling that Rory never explained that the Doctor was his son-in-law, but then I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t even told his father about his granddaughter.

There is a much increased cast this week and I have to say I approve of most of them. Not least because they eclipse the ginger one. Only a few weeks of her left, I can feel the anticipation starting to build. The Egyptian Monarch and Big Game Hunter seem to have quite a no nonsense view on life and seem very well matched. Indeed by the end of the episode they’re even more well matched if you catch my drift.

But the surprise of the episode comes from my earlier regeneration. Not only is he keeping darker company but the boy finally shows some spine. When given the chance to save his adversary and be all noble in the process he actually leaves the man to die. This is quite a turn of events. My tenth incarnation had a tendency to be ruthless and indulge in the occasional bout of genocide, but so far the eleventh has been quite merciful. Hopefully this is a continuing trend. Time, as always, will tell.

However this little seed of darkness is almost lost amongst the levity of the rest of the episode which is something of a shame. But still, I should be thankful that it occurred at all.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve just been informed that Derek has been modified with several late 20th century gaming machines. I can feel The Legend of Zelda calling me.

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