The Doctor attempts to throw Kahler Jex out of A Town Called Mercy

The Volatility of Mercy

The Doctor attempts to throw Kahler Jex out of A Town Called MercyA Town Called Mercy: memorable piece of Doctor Who in a setting that has been wholly underused throughout the show’s history (although, of course, plenty of lawless locations have been visited).

It’s rare to see the Doctor displaying what might be considered “callousness” towards someone who is being hunted, but this interesting flip around and the ensuing moral question over the Davros-esque antics of Kahler Jex and the Doctor’s right to be judge and jury.

Thanks to the SFX website you can read writer Toby Whithouse’ s comments regarding Saturday’s episode and the different way that he approached writing the Doctor now that the Time Lord has reached the age of 1200 years old. Whithouse was keen to give the Doctor a more unpredictable side given the fact that he’s not constantly in human company anymore.

The Eleventh Doctor certainly came across as much more dangerous and unpredictable in A Town Called Mercy, perhaps the weight of the world is finally getting to the old Time Lord. Carrying guns, screaming at Kahler-Jex before throwing him to the mercy of the Gunslinger, whilst he may have done the right thing at the end of the day, are we seeing a side of the Doctor that’s going down a darker and darker path? The last time the Doctor decided to travel alone culminated in the unfortunate events that linked through The Waters of Mars and The End of Time.

What direction could the Eleventh Doctor be heading in?


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