Were We Right About the Angels? (SPOILER)

The following image has been leaked in newspapers this morning, notably on the Daily Mail’s website. You’ll want to avoid getting a good look at it if you want to stay spoiler-free…

The Angels Take Manhattan Spoiler

Several months ago we asked if the decision to shoot The Angels Take Manhattan in New York might have been driven by the use of a major landmark.

As we put it in April:

Those Weeping Angels, the quantum-locked statues, cleverly feed on the time differential when they touch someone who is then thrown back in time.

And what is the most observed statue in the world?

That’s right. The Statue of Liberty, which previously featured in a plate shot in the early scenes of Daleks in Manhattan. Now, this is purely speculation, but what if…? After all, it’s a very good reason to shoot Doctor Who in New York.

Today’s Daily Mail seems to confirm this

Is the Statue of Liberty a Weeping Angel?!

It certainly looks like the Statue of Liberty, wouldn’t you agree?


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