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Dalek Ringtones and Sounds for Your Smartphone

So the other night, while waiting for a build of the latest game I am working on, I was playing with the iOS BBC app that allows you to record your voice as a Dalek voice (iAmADalek from BBC Worldwide in iTunes).

I was playing with recording my voice, as a Dalek, to replace the default tones that my iPhone uses when an event occurs – an email comes in, a tweet comes in, a text arrives and so on.

It took some playing around to be able to import these new recordings – the app doesn’t allow you to set these values by default, so I had to email them to myself from the app, then import them in iTunes, convert them to the Tones format (the .m4r format), then _re-import_ them into iTunes, resynch the phone and then they worked. Apple sure doesn’t make it easy for you, but then they want to sell you tones, rather than making it easy for you to create them yourself.

ANYWAY…. I got 20 or so little speech snippets done, and I thought I’d package them up and see if anyone wants to download them themselves? Installation for iPhones is a very simple process (note, the following instructions are the same for Windows and Mac OSX versions of iTunes).

Download the zip file of iPhone samples, and unzip them once you get them (I’m assuming you’ll know how to do that. Windows should unzip the incoming file itself). This should leave you with a directory of 20 or so files in it).

Open up iTunes, and select the Tones item, under Library (see pic). Now, newer versions of iTunes ship with that item not displayed by default (or until you’ve bought a tone). To make it viewable, open preferences and in the General Tab, make sure Tones is selected. Once you do that, Tones shows up in the main window.

Once you’ve selected the Tones item (and got an empty pane on the right hand side), go back to your unzipped directory of samples, select them all, and drag them on top of iTunes, depositing them in the empty Tones pane. This will force iTunes to import all those tone files.

Once it’s finished (and iTunes under windows takes a while; I’ve no idea why. I would LOVE a peek at that source code to understand why it’s so slow!), just synch your phone. The new tone samples will show up under Settings on your device, under the Sounds option.

Simply select one for whatever event sound you want to replace.

There you go.

And Android users – never fear, you aren’t left out! I’ve also created a zip file of the same samples, but as MP3 files. I don’t have an Android phone, so can’t walk you through the steps of installing, but I’m sure you can work it out.

Have fun and Happy Phone Daleking!




Jake Simpson has been a Doctor Who fan for more years that he cares to remember, or will admit. He was first exposed to the Green Death and is now vaguely uncomfortable eating apples past their sell by date for fear of a large maggot bursting out. He lives in Arizona along with his family and The Dalek Army(tm), but hails from the UK - you can take the boy out of Kent, but you can't take the Kent out of the boy, expect with lots of very painful and expensive surgery. Jake writes video games for a living, and writes books on Kindle for a hobby. Look - here they are: Myndware and Myndset. Go buy a copy so he can feed his kids.

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