Sylvester McCoy stars in Unit: Dominion

Just What Is UNIT – Dominion?

Who’s ready for the return of UNIT to Big Finish? The last time that UNIT were made such a fuss of in Big Finish towers it was for their spin off series with the late great Nicholas Courtney making an appearance to boot.

Sylvester McCoy stars in Unit: DominionThis time around, the organisation is back in a special box set with so much going on that it’ll make your head spin; UNIT- Dominion is going to be one of the year’s most exciting Doctor Who releases from Big Finish Productions!

The Seventh Doctor is back to help out with his friend Raine Creevy, a companion from the Lost Stories range. Along for the ride, and more than a little angry, is Elizabeth Klein, a Nazi from a parallel timeline that the Doctor supposedly took care of a long time ago. As well as an alien invasion to take care of and the settling of old scores to deal with, the Doctor must also face a future incarnation of himself as well, as if things weren’t difficult enough!

Director and co-writer (as well as the voice of the Daleks) Nicholas Briggs is confident that there’s more than enough that’ll keep listeners interested:

It’s quite a dizzying line-up of main characters…Klein was first introduced as a Nazi from an alternative future in Colditz, but now she has a new role as UNIT’s scientific advisor… and she has real issues with the Doctor – both of him…and as for this new Doctor himself… ‘Well, he’s an interesting character, played to perfection by Alex Macqueen.

You can listen to the latest trailer on the Big Finish website right now, we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed!

Doctor Who: UNIT-Dominion is available at a very affordable pre order price from but you might want to hurry up and place your order now because once the box set is actually released this month, it’ll revert back to full price, pre ordering is your only chance to buy it at a discounted price!

You can also find out about the other special Doctor Who releases from Big Finish coming out this year and how to get them in a bundle by visiting—special-releases.


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