Matt Smith Experiences Series 7 Exhibits!

Matt Smith made his first official visit to Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience today, and unveiled new exhibits.

The items come from Series 7, including the dress worn by Riann Steele (Queen Nefertiti); Oswin the chained-up Dalek; three cherubs; a sneaky pterodactyl; and the dress worn by Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Oswin Oswald (described today as “infamous”!).

Matt revealed the new exhibits on the second floor, posing for photographs, and flanked by the two robots from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, one of which spurting out David Mitchell’s voice intermittently. The robots themselves got a round of applause from Matt and the assembled press as they clunked in and out of the exhibition. Matt obviously loved it:

It’s just exciting to be part of show that has a history like this; it’s a privilege to be in something that people actually turn up to! But actually seeing all these things under one roof – it’s quite exciting, isn’t it? It’s quite an exciting thing – an experience!

Though he previously attended the exhibition when it launched in London, Matt hasn’t officially visited it in its new home at Discovery Quay in Port Teigr. It’s most notable for housing three TARDIS sets: the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors’; the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ (both originals – the latter of which was last seen in 2011’s The Doctor’s Wife); and the Eleventh Doctor’s (a replica as the real one is, y’know, actually in use).

Clare Hudson, Head of BBC Wales Production, and thus partly responsible for bringing Doctor Who back, said:

In Matt Smith, I think we have one of the best Doctors ever. It’s just fantastic to be here, in the latest chapter in the developing story of Doctor Who; I know this place is already a success and what’s wonderful for us, in the BBC public service end of it, is knowing that this attraction is so true to the values of the Doctor Who brand and we’re able to work so closely together to make sure that we bring more joy and more fun and more thrills into the hearts of the fans the show has right across the world.

Upon its London launch in February 2011, showrunner, Steven Moffat – who also wrote all the interactive scenes performed by Matt and Nicholas Briggs – said:
It will also be the first time that Doctor Who artifacts from all the show’s 47 year history – classic and new – will be on display together, many of them being seen for the first time. And never mind that, this is the day the Doctor teaches you how to fly the TARDIS through time and space, and takes you into battle with all his deadliest enemies in a brand new adventure.

Previous items still on show include a Special Weapons Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks (1988) and Asylum of the Daleks; the K1 Robot (from, uh, Robot and initially on show at Blackpool’s long-standing but now closed exhibition); and the Silence with their time ship.

The Doctor Who Experience is open until 2017 – but with the new Series 7 attractions, there’s no better time to visit!

Coming Soon: an exclusive interview with Matt Smith!


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