Davison: “I check the phone to see if Moffat has called.”

Fifth Doctor Who Peter Davison has talked extensively about everyone’s favourite show at the New York Comic Con.

The Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough

Though it’s the first one he’s done in New York, Davison has obviously attended many conventions before:

When I come to a Who convention, I quite often get given books people have written, stories people have written. I got one at a recent convention which turned out to be a kind of Fifty Shades of Grey take on it. Fascinating it was… I’ve always loved the fandom. You do seem to be an extraordinarily tolerant bunch of people, and I mean this in the nicest way, because it’s every kind of facet of the human condition that you see at every kind of convention.

Peter Davison is one of my favourite Doctors, a sentiment echoed by many, I’m sure, so it’s great to hear him speak about Doctor Who (and us fans!) with so much affection. He says of ‘nuWho’:

Doctor Who is written by people with a passion for what they’re doing. A comfort for me about that, and the other classic Doctors, is these people were all sitting out there as kids in the audience and watching us do Doctor Who; they’re all fantastic fans.

Though, as he jokes, that’s both good and bad…

Steven Moffat can tell you, just by looking at one single black-and-white picture of any Doctor Who story from the classic series, not only what episode it is, he can tell you how far into the episode that scene was. I’ve seen him do it! It’s quite extraordinary – it’s disturbing as well!

Davison served as the universe’s #01 Time Lord from 1982’s Castrolvalva to The Caves of Androzani (1984), the latter of which was voted as the best Doctor Who story by DWM readers in 2009 (and it really deserves the title).

Peter Davison and David Tennant as the Fifth and Tenth Doctors

But he recently returned to the role – albeit briefly – in Time Crash (2007’s Children In Need special), and he was, of course, at the helm of the TARDIS in the 20th Anniversary episode, The Five Doctors. So might he return for the big five-oh…?

Every day I check the phone to see if Steven Moffat has called me. I don’t know what’s happening next year, I have nothing to report. I’m sure it will be something fantastic! But I don’t know what. I think if [the classic Doctors] aren’t invited, I’m going to make my own rival video. I’ll do my own 50th anniversary special. Colin Baker’s prepared to work for nothing!

Make the call, Moffat. Make the call.

It’s good to see there’s a great sense of community between Doctor Who alumni; Davison has also rallied together David Tennant, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann into appearing at the sold-out Project: Motormouth convention, in order to support Janet Fielding (Tegan) through her struggle with cancer.

Apparently, there are silly rumours going about that the show will go on hiatus after 2013. Don’t worry; Peter’s keeping the faith:

I can’t see any sign of it ending. It got a very low point before it was canceled the last time. I always knew when it was canceled that it would come back. A certain amount of time would pass and then someone would think it was a good idea to bring it back.

You can read more from the celery-wearing Doctor here.

The New York Comic Con was held 11th– 14th October – not this week, obviously – or else things would, let’s say, get a little ‘Sandy.’ Stop looking at me like that.


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