Darla von Karlsen, one of the sleepers in Asylum of the Daleks

Season 7’s Additions to the Canon

Series 7, it’s the gift that keeps on giving for Doctor Who’s shows wider mythology.

We’ve had such additions as: undercover Daleks, historical companions and UNIT reborn – so in an attempt to start the ball rolling on new areas of development Spin-off Online have compiled five of their favourite talking points for writers to play with in the future.

Darla von Karlsen, one of the sleepers in Asylum of the Daleks

Something that added the chills back to the Daleks was the undercover sleeper agents – these essentially hollowed out humans were not only a suitably creepy addition to Asylum of the Daleks but also opened up a whole new way to view previous Dalek based episodes:

…it’s also something that allows you to go back and watch any earlier Who episode, pick out a character that you didn’t quite trust and think, “Yup, there’s a unactivated Dalek sleeper agent.” Everyone wins!

Amy’s warning to the Doctor to ‘never travel alone’ may have rang false after seeing just how quickly he managed to gather a team together to solve the mystery of those titular Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

Most notable amongst the group was Queen Nefratiti who, Spin- Off Online argue (albeit, rather spuriously), that she could be one of the shows first real life historical companions:

While the show has played with historical figures throughout its entire 49 year run, I feel as if this was the first time that we’ve really seen a real life figure essentially act as a companion in a story… And it opened the door to that happening again, and for a longer period of time. How long before we can get Amelia Earhart as a companion, do you think?

One of the most fan-pleasing additions or re-additions was the return of U.N.I.T now repurposed for science rather than militaristic endeavours, in The Power of Three:
A quasi-military arm that’s more interested in discovery and the truth than conquering or protecting. Whether or not we’ll see more of the new incarnation of UNIT any time soon in the show, I have no idea, but there’s so much potential here that I can’t believe that this organization will stay unused for too long…

For the full list of new ideas and avenues to explore in the future, head over to Spin-Off Online.


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