Eighth Doctor Who star Paul McGann

Breakfast with McGann

Since I started university, my lack of contact with Doctor Who means that I’ve been contributing to this site much less than I used to. There’s just been nothing to talk about.

Eighth Doctor Who star Paul McGann

That is, until Paul McGann walked into my lecture on Friday morning.

My reaction at first was: “No, it couldn’t be… could it?” My initial suspicion was confirmed by the fact that he placed a coffee on the teacher’s lectern and sat down while waiting for the teacher to start. She put on a bit of Withnail & I and then introduced him.

Turns out the Eighth Doctor was our guest lecturer!

What followed was an interesting lecture about acting, scriptwriting, Doctor Who and the making of Withnail & I, but the real pleasure came from having the ability to go for a drink with him and a few of my classmates afterwards.

Unfortunately, this shows the downside of staying up all night working on the latest assignment. Although I got his autograph and sneaked into some photos, I didn’t ask him anything that I would’ve liked to because I was very tired (having slaved all night on a story that I didn’t end up using) and entirely unprepared. That’s why I didn’t ask for an interview or some questions about Doctor Who. Although I did ask him whether he was going to follow in Colin Baker’s footsteps and go on I’m A Celebrity… any time soon.

His response? A very emphatic “No.”

All in all, it was a damn good day.


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