The Pete's World Cybermen variants from Doctor Who

Neil Gaiman Tweets Cybermen

By now, you’ll have learned of the joyous union between Hugo-award winning writer Neil Gaiman and species assimilating, scourge of the galaxy Cyberman; but what does Gaiman himself have to say about his new episode?

The Pete's World Cybermen variants from Doctor Who

Gaiman took to Twitter; sharing his response to fan’s reaction to the news and his thoughts on the long and illustrious history of the Cybermen.

Tomb of the Cyberman has been something of a touchstone between different generations of Who fans – Matt Smith has often citied both his love of the serial and his admiration for Patrick Troughton while the Gareth Roberts penned Closing Time borrowed ideas liberally from the 1967 classic.

So it’s an encouraging sign that we may be getting an old-school Cyberman story and knowing Gaiman’s propensity to add fiendishly clever twists to the established cannon, it’ll be a game-changing episode too.

Hyped much? Did you see The Doctor’s Wife!

In fact hype is very much the theme of Gaiman’s other Cyber-Tweets with The Sandman author taking stock of fans reactions versus the wave of relief at the re-election of Obama.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a re-tweet by Gaiman about the lack of love for Telos Cyberman compared to a fans preference for Mondas based Cybermen; will finally get clarity about their home planet?

Finally, after their disappointing appearance in Closing Time (where they were reduced to Deus Ex Machines, see what I did there?); will we finally see a return to their terrifying old ways?

So do we!


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