Doctor Who's original TARDIS team

The Big Four-Nine!

A big day for everyone involved with and having a love for Doctor Who, November 23rd is twelve months away from being one of the biggest days of 2013.

Doctor Who's original TARDIS team

Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is going to be epic. Big, loud, Time Lords past and present everywhere in book, TV, comic, toy and audio form, more than you have ever known before. If previous Doctor Who publicity campaigns can be appreciated and compared with those of other shows enjoying major anniversaries of late, then it’s fair to say that this is going to be bigger and better than the 50th anniversary of Coronation Street and the habitual live episodes that come with such things (and surely Doctor Who is big enough to set trends, not follow them!).

With this in mind, let’s keep it low-key and – as they say – “real” in 2012. As Doctor Who fans we’ve got an immensely big year ahead, so today is a good time to enjoy a favourite classic episode or Doctor, safe in the knowledge that this time next year our opinions might be hugely swayed in favour of a new episode, a new celebration of the Doctor’s adventures.

Whatever happens in 2013, today is the day to crack open your DVDs of The Three Doctors (which we’re currently giving away on Twitter as part of the Revisitations 3 boxset), The Five Doctors and even, perhaps, (if you’re feeling brave!) track down Dimensions in Time on YouTube.

Indeed, let’s consider a few magic 49s from Doctor Who

  • Robert Holmes’ The Space Pirates – starring Patrick Troughton – was the 49th Doctor Who adventure in 1969.
  • Interestingly, Patrick Troughton was 49 when he finished on Doctor Who (The War Games).
  • And should the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, appear in the 50th anniversary, he’ll be 49 when it is broadcast.

(You might even take a look at SFX’s 49 suggestions on how to celebrate the 50th anniversary next year – far better than this unfunny effort.)

So, let’s say it with the anticipation of a wonderful 50th year to come: Happy 49th birthday, Doctor Who!


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