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Alex Kingston Guests in NCIS

Alex Kingston as a ‘Mystery Woman’?! Surely not.

Alex Kingston, best-known as the Doctor’s other half and Amy and Rory’s daughter, River Song, has appeared in the investigative series set in Washington, NCIS. She played “a woman of questionable morals”, Miranda Pennebaker in the episode, Gone, which aired on 27th November in America.

Here’s the synopsis:

A young girl’s father is murdered during a kidnapping attempt, while her best friend is taken. The team tries to track down the kidnappers while trying to figure out why she was taken. Meanwhile, an old friend of Ziva is coming to visit.

The episode is set to appear on schedules next year on FX before hitting ‘mainstream’ telly on Five. The series boss, Gary Glasberg told TVLine:

I’m a huge fan of Alex’s and she embodies everything I hoped for from this character. Heck, you might even see her again.

The episode was watched by 19.76 million people, and garnered fantastic reviews, with TV Fanatic’s Mary Powers saying of Alex’s character:

Miranda is an interesting character. She’s a woman with a very shady past, but one who I think is truly trying to change and become a straight arrow. With the smile on Gibbs’s face at the end (and as we know, Gibbs rarely smiles), I think he sees this in Miranda as well. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this character again before too long.

Both Powers and the TV Fanatic users have rated Gone 4.7 out of 5. Something we should be watching out for, huh?


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