Peter Davison and David Tennant as the Fifth and Tenth Doctors

David Tennant’s Lazy Eye

David Tennant has been pretty busy in the past week, most notably talking about urine and appearing in radio pantomimes. But he had time for some 50th anniversary teases, too.

Peter Davison and David Tennant as the Fifth and Tenth Doctors

Appearing on the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show hosted by his friend Christian O’Connell on Friday, Tennant – appearing in a radio Nativity as the Virgin Mary (and in costume, too!) – was naturally asked about any involvement with the 50th anniversary.

After all, that’s the obligatory Doctor Who conversation these days, isn’t it?

…Nobody’s been on the phone to me.

Now, do you believe that? Christian O’Connell didn’t…

You liar, did you see him wink?

Ever the quick-thinker, Tennant quickly replied:

That’s just a lazy eye.

Speaking of lazy, going to the toilet is oh-so important, right? Not in the Tennant household it isn’t, though. Apparently the former Tenth Doctor actor has taken to urinating in his back garden every evening.

No, it’s absolutely true! But it’s not the first signs of a nervous breakdown or anything – instead, the territorial markings are a tactic to prevent foxes from invading Time Lord turf at the family home in Chiswick.

Urban foxes in London are a common problem and cause a lot of grief, the noise they make and the mess they make of your garden. I have been stealing out under cover of night and putting some gentleman’s urine in the back garden. There was one bit particularly where they kept digging up every night and I got told I should wee on it with a bit of male pheromone… I wait until it’s dark. I don’t want to offend anyone’s eyeballs.

It does work. The thing is that you have to remember to do it every single night which I haven’t done. I did it for about a week and it definitely worked but you have to be quite consistent.

And on that bombshell…




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