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Help Geek Crash Course Graduate to the Next Level

Geek Crash Course is a great web series which provides 101-style (that’s lectures to all the British readers) video lessons to viewers on a different geeky topic every week.

The weekly videos are presented by Michael Nixon and Diana Dekajlo and have been running now for a year and a half. In this time they’ve covered over sixty interesting topics regarding everything that you could want to learn about from video games and comics to movies and television shows. Geek Crash Course has also conducted interviews with several big names involved with Doctor Who including Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook.

But as the website becomes more popular and the demand for their product becomes greater, the show’s creators are finding that they need to maintain the quality of their production and that costs money.

This is where you can help, as the show moves into a new series of production Kickstarter want to keep everything running normally and smoothly and in order to do that they need to raise a target goal of over $2500.  This money will help with the following:

With your help, we can purchase desperately needed items, ranging from new hard drives to backup and store footage and editing files, to prop and costume materials, to something as basic as food for the set.

$2,500 will also help fill unforeseen production needs that might arise as we push the show to more on-location filming, including various conventions in the United States and possibly internationally.

Every donor that pledges five dollars and above will have a guaranteed answered question in a future installment of the websites Geek Crash Questions vlog and for those that wish to donate one hundred dollars and above will be named as a sponsor for a future episode.

Kasterborous editor Christian Cawley chatted with Geek Crash Course presenter Michael Nixon to discuss the fundraising drive, which you can listen to below.

If you want to help, head to the Geek Crash Course Kickstarter page. Find out more via:


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