Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat with new companion Jenna Coleman

Steven Moffat Teases Series 7b

Christmas? Pah! Christmas is so last summer to Doctor Who head honcho Steven Moffat. While sitting down for an exclusive chat with SFX he let slip a few details about next year; perhaps the most important year for Doctor Who since its inception.

Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat with new companion Jenna Coleman

While only talking in the briefest of terms, if you want to go into the New Year completely cold then beware there are a few mild spoilers within.

Carrying on the first seasons remit of big ‘movie poster’ idea’s the second half of Series 7 promises to be just as epic as the first with the Doctor Who exploring new and familiar territory:

We have Doctor Who taking on the modern urban thriller, which is not very much like anyone else’s modern urban thriller!

We’ve got your base-under-siege story in a new way.

We’ve gone all-out to give you a fantastic alien planet, which is looking absolutely amazing.

We’ve got a cracking ghost story, a really cracking ghost story.

And it doesn’t stop there.

With a generous breadth of writing talent at his disposal (Neil Gaiman, Mark Gatiss, Neil Cross etc.) Moffat is understandably excited to show you just what those big brains have produced:

We’ve got Neil Gaiman doing the Cybermen – part of the impulse there was to say “Have we fully exploited the creepy factor of the Cybermen yet?” I thought Neil would be a good match for that.

You’re going to see “Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS”, with more of the TARDIS than you’ve ever seen before.

We’ve got Diana Rigg and junior Diana Rigg in an absolutely mental story by Mark Gatiss – all period drama will pale next to this monstrosity of nonsense! It’s absolutely glorious. You’ll watch other period dramas and say ‘When are they going to do the scary bit?’

Then there’s the finale; an episode that promises to deliver more than any one episode could contain:

And then there’s the finale, which has got some serious fanboy-pleasing going on in it. My aim for it – which I’m about to humiliate myself at the tone meeting by saying – is to have slightly more than you think could possibly happen in one episode. Slightly more treats than you think you could be allowed…



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