Strax Fest!

There are three types of actor who appear in Doctor Who. Some actors come to the show, do their bit, and then move on. Others make an appearance, perhaps more than once, and become associated with the time travelling adventure series for many years to come – perhaps until the end of their careers.

The third type is that most rare of things. Usually the star of the show (although not always, and not exclusively) the said actor or actress will be forever associated with a role from the show, regardless of stature, and carry on turning up in Doctor Who and further afield in conventions, shows, etc., for many years to come.

Such people include Tom Baker, Nicholas Courtney, John Levene… and, we suspect, Dan Starkey, if his recent appearances on the BBC’s official Doctor Who website during Decembers Adventure Calendar. The Commander Strax actor has already (arguably) overshadowed Kevin Lindsay and Christopher Ryan’s Sontarans.

Below, you’ll find Starkey talking about the return of Strax…

Oh, and he’s also been doing this:

Personally, I think Dan Starkey needs a rest. Wonderful, though, isn’t he?!


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