K-9's spin-off show was produced by Park Entertainment

Syfy Gets Desperate for Who, Schedules K-9

Remember the 2010 Doctor Who spin-off K-9?

K-9's spin-off show was produced by Park Entertainment

No, of course you don’t.

You took one look at the designed-by-committee, kiddy-friendly redesign and just carried on buying those cheeses you like and working on that car you own or whatever else you did with that life of yours knowing that the clouds passing overhead stood more chance of capturing your imagination.

Unfortunately, those involved (including K-9’s original creator Bob Baker and long-running driving force Paul Tams) had to do something with this. They couldn’t just pretend that it didn’t exist; they had to bills to pay.

So every once in a while they made announcements about it like people were still listening; ‘Yes, it’ll be on Channel 5 in December 2010 in case you were wondering. What’s that? You want to know about the characters involved? Of course you do! K-9 will have three teenage companions and solve interstellar mysteries in a way completely different to The Sarah Jane Adventures! No, we can’t take another look at that design’.

They even attempted to drag your imagination back kicking and screaming to the concept with publicity photos like this one.

What’s more, accompanying that picture is the news that on Christmas Day the SyFy channel will finally host the US premiere of K-9.

That’s a full two years after its UK debut!

Now, I’m not passing judgement on this after all there are rights issues, on-going negotiations and changes to the buying market. After all this happens all the time with films; it happened with A Thousand Words, Pluto Nash and Ordinary Decent Criminals and look how well they turned out.

So there you have it, a show you forgot about featuring Robo-puppy is set to air two years later on the day where most Whovians will be watching and talking about The Snowmen instead.

After passing up Doctor Who since the 2006 run, SyFy must be desperate to take a bite from the increasingly tasty Time Lord pie…


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