Fan made replica TARDIS Dematerialisation Circuit on eBay!

Third Doctor Replica TARDIS Component on eBay!

Like with most props in the Doctors various lives, The TARDIS Dematerialisation Circuit is best remembered for not working.

Fan made replica TARDIS Dematerialisation Circuit on eBay!

Gleefully rendered useless by the Time Lords after he was exiled to Earth – this key component of any Type 40 TARDIS became a frustrating bugbear for a then hemmed in Third Doctor – try as he may, he couldn’t breathe life into his once wheezing, groaning console; even when he tea-leafed the Master’s own circuit and discovered the frustrations of cross-platform media sharing (you sure about that? – Ed).

But none of this frustration and pilfering should take anything away from the inherent coolness of such a device – imagine the possibilities of passing through normal space, traveling into the Time Vortex and landing wherever and whenever your heart desired.

Its potent stuff and that’s why dedicated Doctor Who fan Dr. Dean has taken it upon himself to create his own replica TARDIS Dematerialisation Circuit; and now it’s your chance to own this unique, accurate item.

The replica was something of a labour of love for Dr Dean; who after finally get hold of some high resolution pictures of the device, finally decided to fulfil that desire. However, hindsight is a wonderful thing and he’s now selling his spare circuit after incurring the cost of TARDIS prop perfection:

Knowing how much work has gone into this I would have rather bought it myself than incur the expense of building it.

Take heed of those words and obtain your own stress-free replica; bidding currently stands at £101, with the auction due to end in less than three days.


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