Jenna Louise Coleman features in the BBC's adaptation of Room at the Top

Top 10 Most Popular Doctor Who Articles of 2012!

We have had a great year, dear reader, and this is mostly down to you and your regular visits, social shares and comments.

With almost 2 million page views in the past twelve months, an increasingly popular podKast and milestones reached on Facebook and Twitter, we’re making great strides and gaining recognition as an authoritative Doctor Who website.

For this alone, we thank you!

To say thank you (we’ve got more to come, but this will do as a start!) we present for you the top 10 most popular Doctor Who articles of the past year…

10. Karen’s Horror Flick Challenge

Concerning Karen Gillan’s role in the US horror movie Oculus. It seems that with the announcement of her departure from Doctor Who, everyone wanted to know more about what was coming next!

9. Return of the Special Weapons Dalek

Ahh, nostalgia! Remembrance of the Daleks was notable for many reasons, not least the introduction of the first new Dalek design since, well, Davros I suppose (and yes, I know he’s not a Dalek, but you get my point). While the renegade Dalek faction looked to have the upper hand with their possession of the Hand of Omega, a few blasts from the newly dispatched Special Weapons Dalek threw the balance of the battle into the Imperial Daleks favour.

Sadly the Special Weapons Dalek was never seen again – until Asylum of the Daleks, in which he would appear alongside many other classic series Daleks. When we reported this in May, excitement was strong!

8. Doctor Who TARDIS Journal

Despite being published in September 2011, River Song’s journal continues to interest and fascinate people. There are many versions on the market, mostly unofficial – this article specifically concerned one sold by Entertainment Earth in the USA, released in October 2011.

That this post continues to be popular months after the fact speaks volumes about River Song and her journal full of “Spoilers!”

7. Were We Right About the Angels? (Spoiler)

As you will see further down, we made a speculative spoiler concerning the return of the Weeping Angels and Amy and Rory’s departure in The Angels Take Manhattan back in April 2012.

By the end of September is appeared that we got it right. Didn’t take an amazing leap of faith, of course, but it’s one hell of a memorable moment!

6. Does Amy’s Departure Tie In With The Eleventh Hour?

We had hoped for something more from the eventual tie-in between The Angels Take Manhattan and The Eleventh Hour, but of course we didn’t know what it would be until the final Amy and Rory episode aired.

As Matt Smith put it:

“There’s something coming up in the final days of the Ponds that was in The Eleventh Hour…there’s a shot in that. [Moffat’s] been thinking about it that long. He always knew how she was going to… I’m saying too much already.”

In the end it turned out to be a clip of young Amelia Pond waiting for the Doctor to return. Trying to work it out got around 6,500 of your excited though!

5. With This Time Ring…

We’ve seen this particular article pop up in the Kasterborous top 10 dailies on numerous occasions, favoured it seems by marrying Whovians.

Amazing his and hers Doctor Who wedding rings

It is, of course, a beautiful pair of his and hers (or his and his/hers and hers) wedding rings, made from cubic zirconium with strategically positioned stones representing the various windows and panelling of the TARDIS police box shell.

They’re almost as stunning as the time ship itself!

4. Doctor Who Worlds in Time Launches

For a game that apparently no one is playing (although feel free to set us straight on that!), this was a surprising entry in our list of the top 10 most popular Doctor Who news items of 2012.

Let’s face it, many fans want a really good Doctor Who game, and it seems a lot more want one that has an online element to it. Sadly Worlds in Time hasn’t set fandom alight the way the right game could. Anyone interested in Doctor Who video games might like to know that the forthcoming Kasterborous Magazine has a massive feature covering all of the Time Lord’s digital adventures from the days of 8-bit all the way up to date with The Eternity Clock and Worlds in Time.

3. Arthur Darvill Graces Gay Times Cover

Another article that reappeared in our daily stats months after the fact, we have the Digital Spy forums partly to thank for the fact that over 10,000 readers were interested in the Arthur Darvill’s appearance on the Gay Times cover.

Arthur Darvill is the Gay Times Cover Star for October 2012

We should also thank Gay Times for featuring a great interview with the actor and for sending us their splendid cover image!

2. Is the Statue of Liberty a Weeping Angel?

Back in April it struck us that shooting Doctor Who in New York might afford a particular opportunity to big to miss in a Weeping Angels story. Sure, the Statue of Liberty isn’t an angel (although she is apparently derived from a Roman goddess, Libertas) although as the Doctor learned in The Time of Angels…

“That which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel.”

So that’s nicely explained away. And we got it right (which is nice).

1. Room with a View?

A few days ago we noticed that an awful lot of readers were arriving on Kasterborous after using the following search term in Google: “Jenna-Louise Coleman nude”. We naturally wouldn’t carry any images of the new Doctor Who companion in any state of undress, for various reasons of taste and decency.

Jenna Louise Coleman features in the BBC's adaptation of Room at the Top

However, the article “Room with a View” discusses Jenna’s appearance in Room at the Top on BBC Four, in which the actress appears topless, and clearly a lot of people have used the report as a piece of a “find nude pics” puzzle. We’re talking around 11,000 page views for this article alone.

You naughty, naughty people.

So there you go – those are the articles that were most popular on Kasterborous in 2012!


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