Two Doctors and a Master appear in Big Finish's The Light At The End

A Glimpse of The Light at the End…

We’re all very excited from the latest announcement by Big Finish productions that they will be culminating their fiftieth anniversary celebrations for Doctor Who with the multi-Doctor tale The Light at the End.

Although stories that weave the celebratory tales will continue to be released until early 2014, this is the big one that will get fans quivering, shouting and probably weeping with joy. For the first time ever, the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth incarnations of the Doctor will be fighting together for everything they hold dear and to top it all off Geoffrey Beevers, he of the silky smooth voice, will be menacing all the Doctors as he returns to play his incarnation of the Master.

Two Doctors and a Master appear in Big Finish's The Light At The End

Details of the story are yet to be released, we don’t know if all of the Doctors will be appearing in scenes together but judging from the picture that Big Finish Productions have recently released, we can perhaps expect some of the Time Lord’s former selves to be sharing audio time together.

Fresh from the studio recording is a picture of Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy and Master actor Geoffrey Beevers together, which strongly suggests that they have a joint scene. Remember however, that for Doctor Who’s fortieth anniversary story Zagreus, Doctor’s five through to eight all appeared but playing different versions of themselves seeing as how they were infected with a nasty bout of Anti Time.

Will The Light at the End offer us a full-on Five Doctors-style celebration or will we be offered something far more zany? Here’s hoping that it’s the former!


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