A TARDIS in a bottle

Doctor Who Fans Sends Message Through Time and Space

Slightly Fortean news – or simply another illustration of the power of Doctor Who? It’s hard to say, but if I were to tell you that a young lad from Sunderland sent a message through both time and space, you’d think me barmy, wouldn’t you?

A TARDIS in a bottle

But that’s exactly what happened, using just a piece of paper, a bottle and the ocean. Back in 2011, younr Cade Scott, now 11, placed this message in a bottle:

“I love Dr Who. If found, please send back with your name and address and how old you are. Cade.”

17 months later, the bottle had travelled not only in time (to Christmas 2012) but also in space – to Australia, where it was found by 25-year-old Matthew Eltham, who replied on January 7th using more immediate methods:

“Hi Cade, thanks for your postcard. I found it whilst celebrating Christmas on the beach in Perth, Western Australia! Happy New Year.”

Isn’t that cool? Not only that, but the bottle experienced all manner of temperature extremes, from the freezing cold climes of Roker, Tyne and Wear, to the sweltering Australian summer that coincides with Christmas.

No doubt it found itself dragged through a few vortexes too!

(Via The Telegraph)


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