Bonnie Langford Returns in Big Finish's The Wrong Doctors

Doctor Who: The Wrong Doctors

As of now all of you that have been patiently waiting for the return of Melanie Bush can rejoice; Big Finish has officially released The Wrong Doctors!

Bonnie Langford Returns in Big Finish's The Wrong Doctors

(We realise that Mel wasn’t a favourite TV companion. However, on audio, things have been different.,,)

Starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Bonnie Langford as Mel, this twisty-turvy tale lets writer Matt Fitton bring you the very first Melanie Bush adventure, not the one with all that trial and Valeyard business but the one where the Doctor first meets Melanie Bush in Peas Pottage and the two decide to travel the Universe together.

Of course things aren’t that simple and there’s more than one Doctor hanging around…

“Disentangling a particularly knotty piece of series continuity, it tells the tale of how the Sixth Doctor attempts to put his timeline in order, having been introduced to Mel before they’d technically met. Unfortunately, his efforts go somewhat awry, and suddenly there are two Doctors roaming Mel’s hometown of Pease Pottage. And that’s not the worst of what’s going on…”

Thus begins a trilogy of tales for the Sixth Doctor and Mel and also the return of Bonnie Langford to Big Finish after well over a five year absence!

You can buy The Wrong Doctors on CD for £14.99 or via download for £12.99 from


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