EastEnders' Adam Woodyatt wants to guest in Doctor Who

EastEnders’ Ian Beale Actor Wants Doctor Who Spot

So, as it turns out. Adam Woodyatt, (Ian Beale in the BBC’s long running soap opera EastEnders) is actually a big Doctor Who fan with his eyes on making an appearance in the show at some point!

EastEnders' Adam Woodyatt wants to guest in Doctor Who

Speaking with the Radio Times recently, the actor mentioned that he would like to play an alien but heavily made up so that no one would know it was him.

Back in 1993, Children in Need offered BBC viewers a rather lacklustre fifteen minute adventure for the Doctor Who’s 30th Anniversary called Dimensions in Time. It featured Doctors Three through to Seven, a host of enemies…and was set in Albert Square, the fictional residence of many an EastEnders character. As the Doctor flew through his own time stream meeting his companions in random order, residents of Albert square such as Phil Mitchell, Pat Butcher and Pauline Fowler all stood around shouting familiar soap catchphrases such as “oi you” and “what’s your gaaaame?”. Seriously, that was how the Doctor spent his 30th birthday, thank goodness he grew up and stopped drinking so much.

What’s interesting about all that is that Adam Woodyatt makes a literal three second cameo in Dimensions in Time as he walks past the camera looking very, very serious. Perhaps, bless him; he was the only one taking the production seriously. Speaking to the Radio Times, Woodyatt revealed:

I want to be an alien, heavily made up so people wouldn’t be able to tell it was me. I think everyone of my generation would like to do Doctor Who because we all have something significant from the show that we remember from childhood.

Although Woodyatt’s era loyalty remains tied to that of the Third Doctor’s, thanks to a day off school when he was young and the BBC repeating The Green Death, the actor may someday get his wish and appear in the twenty first century version of Doctor Who.

Wether it’s as an alien in a Steven Moffat episode or for this year’s Fiftieth Anniversary special Dimensions in Time: Revenge of the Rani will be decided later. Of course since we made the latter up, it’s highly unlikely.

Via RTÉ Ten.


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